Cole Erie

Role: Executive Director of Events

Market: St. Cloud

Cole Erie


My career with Leighton Media began with an internship in the sales department while finishing up my degree from SCSU. Both Leighton and marketing ended up being a perfect match with my personality and everything else just fell right into place. After graduation, I worked as an Account Executive with Leighton for two years. During my time as an AE, I became very interested and started volunteering at our Leighton Events. When the company reorganized the event departments, I was offered the position as the Beverage Events Director.

Why you love your work:

I love creating events that become a staple in each community! It is fun and rewarding to see people putting my event on their calendars a full year out!

Personal Motto:

Choose joy & raise the vibe!

Favorite Song of All-time and Why:

Thunderstruck by AC/DC. I love the insane amount of energy that it immediately creates! Also, I can remember jamming out to this with my Dad since the beginning!

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