Brett Paradis

Role: Corporate Advisor

Market: Alexandria

Brett Paradis


I grew up in Redwood Falls, MN and spent the first five years of my career life working at KLGR with my Dad in the radio business there. Then, my wife and I moved to Mason City, IA for another five-year stint, this time at KLSS. Next, in late 1988, we had the opportunity to move to the wonderful community of Alexandria, MN and purchase three radio stations there. Finally, in early 2020, our family sold our stations in Alexandria and became part of the excellent Leighton Media family! 

Why you love your work:

I have always believed that radio stations have a very special part to play in the life of a community! We are in a position to build up and enhance the community by truly serving the people who live here. We are involved in almost all aspects of the community, from covering the news and weather to high school sports, to city and county businesses, AND we are able to serve and volunteer on various committees. I truly believe that we are here to make our community an even-better place to live. 

Personal Motto:

There are four words that I try to remember as I interact with others. I aspire to be humble, gentle, patient, and kind. 

Favorite Song of All-time and Why:

Well, I still love listening to music and thoroughly enjoy just about anything from Journey, Kansas, Styx, Chicago, or the Eagles. But, believe it or not, the song that hits my heart every time is an old hymn that is probably familiar to you as well. It is "How Great Thou Art." That's because, when my Dad was alive, I heard him sing it countless times at weddings, funerals, and during Sunday morning church services...and he sang it well.

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