Becca Kent

Role: Media Consultant

Market: Detroit Lakes

Year Joined LM: 2023

Becca Kent

Why Leighton Media:

During my interview process I went to BrandKamp led by Chuck Mefford and attended the Leighton’s annual sales awards banquet. During my time there I learned about BrandsFormation and was able to speak candidly with employees from all markets about the company. Everyone I talked to spoke highly of the company and now of days it’s rare for a company to have such a high retention rate so it made it easy to make the decision to work for a company who actually cares about their employees and to work for a company where everyone loves their job.

Most Memorable LM Career Moment:

Leighton’s 60th Anniversary Celebration my second week on the job. People were so kind and welcoming.

Personal Motto:

Life is a series of sunrises, let it inspire your heart and soul.

Favorite Song of All-time and Why:

 “It’s Hard to Be Humble” -Mac Davis

It’s one of those songs you can’t help but smile and sing along too.

Desert Island Album:

The Lumineers (Deluxe Edition) -The Lumineers

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